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Hi! My name is Rachel Campbell. This is my personal blog. I'm a web designer living in the Chicago area. You can view a selection of my professional work in my Portfolio and at DeviantART. You can also see some of the photos I've taken at Flickr. I am sometimes available for freelance work. Send me an email me at

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It’s like a real-life puzzle from The Room!

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I have this kind of brain. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Source: XKCD: Nerd Sniping

An interesting post explaining why some people act the way they do.

A simple graphic I made in Illustrator for a work Facebook post. I just kind of like it, and the fact that I was able to make it in Illustrator was a small accomplishment since I don’t use it all that often. I still think the tool panels in Illustrator are just nonsensical, but whatevs.

This is such a good post to remind us that what we have (an outdated kitchen, a backyard full of weeds, a car that’s not brand new) might not be “the best,” but it’s perfectly fine and all we really need.

I know many times I have felt like my life would be better if…. And my life might be better if… but it’s pretty great right now, and it’s okay to be content with what I have. I don’t need to make myself feel bad if I don’t have or don’t want something better, newer, faster.

I can drive my used car home from work, pour myself a glass of filtered water from my outdated kitchen, and soak up the sunshine in my backyard full of weeds, all while feeling content with the life that I’ve made for me. And that’s OKAY.